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About us

Egzona Morina   (Co-founder/trustee)

Egzona Morina



Egzona received her MSc in neuroscience and education from Columbia University in 2015. After graduating she conducted research at New York University Langone Medical Centre in Dr. Robert Froemke's laboratory. 

Currently she is a Ph.D student in neuroscience at Sainsbury Wellcome Centre (University College London) where she joined Dr. Andrew Murray's laboratory in September 2017. 

Xhufe Bacaj-Morina     (Trustee)

Xhufe Bacaj-Morina








Xhufe graduated in 1981 from the University of Prishtina, with a degree in electrical engineering. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Technology and received her Master's degree. She was also a visiting lecturer at the City College of New York. 

Andrew Murray, PhD   (Co-founder/trustee)

Andrew Murray, PhD




Dr. Murray completed his Ph.D in neuroscience at the University of Aberdeen and went on to complete a postdoc. He moved to New York where he finished his postdoc at Columbia University. 

Since 2016, he runs his own laboratory at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre (University College London), researching the vestibular system to understand how the brain utilises sensory information under different contexts. 


Miranda Mathews, PhD   (Trustee)

Miranda Mathews, PhD







Miranda received her degree of Liberal Arts and Science in 2013 before completing her PhD in neuroscience at the University of Sydney in 2018. Alongside her study, Miranda has been working as an academic educating undergraduate and MD university students.



Anita Selmani
(Fundraiser manager in London, UK)

Ina Shehu
(Fundraiser manager in New York, USA)

Joseph Boscarino
(Social media manager)



Federico Claudi

Alex Fratzl