BrainCamp Kosovo 2018


BrainCamp Kosovo 2018

The goal of BrainCamp Kosovo is to have young people think about science in a new light and potentially motivate and/or inspire them to invest their time in any science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.



The course ran from April 1st - 5th 2018, with the students split into two separate groups, divided based on their age ranging from 14 to 18-years old. 

The itinerary that was written for the course was set up so that the topics remained the same for both groups, but the teaching was adjusted based on the students’ needs. These topics ranged from brain areas and their function, different cell types and their purpose, how does the brain communicate, to artificial intelligence.  Also included was one day where the students could challenge their teachers for a change and have them answer questions about the brain.

However, the culmination of BrainCamp Kosovo was on the last day, which we dedicated to our quiz. The first part of the quiz consisted of true/false questions, multiple choice questions or open-ended questions designed by the four teachers. In the second part the students had the chance to come up with their own research question and give a short presentation. We judged the students on different categories like: relevance of the question, methods of research, hypothesis and implications.

Some of the students' questions: 

Why do we sleepwalk? What is synaesthesia? What happens when we have anxiety or panic attacks? What happens when we experience adrenaline? How plastic is the mature brain? Where do memories get stored and how are they retrieved? Are there differences between an average person’s brain and Einstein’s brain? How does the brain represent the passing of time? How does the mouse brain compute?

Schedule : 

*GROUP 1: blue GROUP 2: orange

*GROUP 1: blue GROUP 2: orange


Teachers :


Jesse Geerts (2nd year PhD student at SWC )

“Teaching at BrainCamp was a great experience. The students were enthusiastic and have a lot of potential, making it very inspiring to work with them. I hope to see some of them in the field in the future!”


Francesca Greenstreet (1st year PhD student at SWC)

“I really enjoyed teaching the students in BrainCamp. They were smart, enthusiastic and really fun to work with. It was also a great way to get some experience explaining research to non-scientists (or hopefully future scientists)!”


Anna Lebedeva (1st year PhD student at SWC)


Simon Thompson (1st year PhD student at SWC)

"Braincamp was an overwhelmingly excellent experience for everyone involved and highlighted the fact that when inquisitive minds meet intriguing ideas, brilliance will blossom; regardless of the borders and cultural differences that can exist. I hope that this initiative will develop momentum and inspire future generations of students and researchers alike”.


Prof. Tom Otis (Chief Scientific Officer of SWC) 

Mr. Lirim Greiçevci (Kosovan ambassador to the UK and Ireland) 

Mr. Jusuf Thaçi (Executive director of ATOMI Institute) 

Miss Naime Hoxha (Clinical psychologist of ATOMI Institute)

Miss Hana Bacaj

Mr. Alban Bacaj

SWC professional services and scientific support staff