The Xheladin & Xhufe Morina foundation grew out of BrainCamp Kosovo, a project initiated by Egzona Morina, a doctoral student in neuroscience at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, University College London. BrainCamp Kosovo was a week long course, held in April 2018, where Ph.D students from UCL taught neuroscience to ATOMI students in Prishtina, Kosovo. Established in 2011, ATOMI is an organisation that identifies and supports children with extraordinary intelligence  (IQ 140 and above, 99.6 percentile rank – top 0.4% of the population). Struck by the raw intelligence of the ATOMI students, but saddened by the lack of opportunities afforded to this talented group of young people, Egzona founded this charity with the hope that these students could pursue education and careers in STEM outside of Kosovo.


The main goal of the foundation is to increase the opportunities for students in Kosovo to pursue STEM education at home and abroad. The foundation achieves this goal by providing funding in four key areas:

- Awarding funds to individual students to cover all or part of their education at an educational establishment outside of Kosovo.

- Providing grants to highly talented individual students to cover the costs of travel to educational establishments abroad for interviews or work experience.

- Funding visits to Kosovo by specialised STEM educators.  

- Purchasing and donating equipment, such as computers, laboratory apparatus, to be used in the education of students in Kosovo.


Kosovo has the youngest population of any country in Europe, and thus the most opportunity for growth and future success. This success however, is reliant on the education of its young population. It is our hope that students supported by the Xheladin & Xhufe Morina foundation will not only become successful individuals but will return to Kosovo and contribute to the education of future generations. Allowing the enormous potential of this young country to be realised.