ATOMI student profiles


Alba Arifi

Alba is 18 years old and is currently a student at Sami Frasheri high school. She joined ATOMI in 2015 and would like to study criminology. 

Arianit Preniqi

Arianit is 16 years old and has been a part of ATOMI since 2017. He has not decided yet what career path he would like to follow, but he would like to have one in either architecture or medicine.

Flaka Kokolli 

Flaka is 19 years old and currently is in her second year of study for animation at the Metropolitan University in Budapest. She first joined ATOMI in 2013.

Raesa Nikshiqi

Raesa is 16 years old and currently in 10th grade at Milleniumi i 3'te. She joined ATOMI in 2017 and dreams of studying at MIT one day.  

Olti Roka

Olti is 16 years old and in his first year of high school. He has been part of ATOMI since 2017 and is a math fanatic who is considering neuroscience.

Doruntina Hoti 

Doruntina is 16 years old and currently in 11th grade. She joined ATOMI during the summer of 2017 and dreams of a career in computer science. 

Jon Syla 

Jon is 16 years old and recently won first place in the national physics competition in Kosovo. He has been with ATOMI since 2017.